Courage, expertise, innovation.

No child with special needs deserves to be entangled in the clothes of the socially assisted. He must be helped to continue his life with full autonomy. Service dogs can lift the pressure on the social insurance budget. They can eliminate addiction. The budget savings recorded in the states that use living assistance are real examples of this.

Giving up on mentalities that discriminate against people with special needs is an emergency.Otherwise, Romania’s future will be dependent and in need!

Without certified resources, the right to assisted living remains inaccessible, and its beneficiaries remain captive on the outskirts of society. We believe that the K9puzzle Independent Living Support Center is the place where love brings us together! We promise to offer a special community!

In Europe there are over 40 canine training schools for assistance and living therapy. In Romania, there are none! We take on the responsibility of building the first dog training school specialized in service dog training in Romania. We will teach him how to help a human life, not just in sporadic contacts with it. We will establish the framework in which this wonderful being can successfully fulfill her social mission with determination.

The purpose of this courageous enterprise is to build a solid foundation in a practically non-existent field. We are dedicated to creating the tools necessary to provide quality assisted living in Romania.

MagiDream is not an animal therapy provider. Our role is to create rules and resources. Living assistance means responsibility.

Our mission is to transform assisted living into a reality accessible to others with special needs. We will create the service dog for this purpose. We will multiply it for their benefit. We will perform, if you will, Magic, just as this highly educated dog performs miracles for the entire medical world.  He is already a scientifically proven miracle.

MagiDream innovates. We have the professional expertise required! The Independent Living Support Center “K9puzzle” will place Romania on the map of the European states that provide independence tools for people with physical disabilities and other special needs.

Cătălin Cornea, coordinator of the Independent Living Support Center “K9puzzle”, is the trainer of the first service dog in Romania, according to Law no. 448/2006.  A pioneer in canine training in Romania, Cătălin Cornea represents vision, creativity, theory and exceptional practice – 24 uninterrupted years, singular national and international certifications, passion, compassion and innate skill.

We believe that he is the right man at the right place.