Cristina Topescu - Ambasador Magidream

Cristina Topescu – Ambasador

This project is dedicated to the memory of Cristina Țopescu.

With her very own souls and earthly deed, Cristina was one of the pioneers of Magidream. Cristina Țopescu dreamed with her eyes open to rescue dogs that can save people!
The dream that made her heart beat, laugh and love here on earth is her testament to the world.

Let’s do it together!

“She was one of the most beautiful journalists in Romania. I put her in contact with … a spectacular project. This collaboration brought her so much joy because she agreed to be an ambassador in this association. And look, that’s how I got to be an ambassador because of them … And I’m looking forward to 2020. So he was nervous for this project. ” – Thea Heimovitz, Channel 33 Director

May God rest you in peace, Cristina Țopescu!