Proiect caritabil care se adresează generic copiiilor

Dogtors for the School

Dogtors for School is a charity project that is generically addressed to children in kindergartens and schools, both normal and special needs.


  • Integration of children with disabilities and other special needs, diagnosed or not, in normal schools.
  • Increased school performance of children with disabilities and other special needs, including behavioral and learning problems.
  • Reducing school dropout.
  • Learning of independent living skills in customized educational programs, carried out in the presence of the service dog.

Beneficiaries: the 18 schools in Bucharest, Buzău, Vrancea and Brăila that collaborate with MagiDream.

Scoala ca o joaca - este posibil !

Why is it possible?

Why is it possible? The educational models based on the interaction with the service dog were created on the basis of the conclusions of numerous specialized studies in the medical field, of Vezi detalii…

Caine sistent - o nevoie actuala

What is needed?

What is needed? Abandonment and academic failure have already reached alarming levels in Romania. MagiDream adapts educational models based on the contributuin of the dog and in accordance with the realities of Vezi detalii…

Totul este posibil cu ajutor

How is this possible?

How is this possible? Medical research developed over time confirms the unique benefits of canine therapy for children with special needs, including behavioral, psycho-emotional and disorders such as microcephaly, Williams syndrome, Down Vezi detalii…