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Education, support, charity

MagiDream teaches us how to do good!

MagiDream is a provider of education, information and all other necessary resources in the complex process of assisted living of people with disabilities and other special needs.

In Europe live about 80 million people with disabilities and other special needs. In Romania, their current number, in statistics, is approaching one million people. But reality is much more dramatic. The number of “evaders” in the statistics is worryingly high. Society prejudices and mental-cultural stereotypes are the main causes. “Crippled” is the social label that excludes man from the society without hardly any thought, isolating him without hope at the edge of the community. Sometimes, the rejection of the person suffering takes place right in the middle of his family.

Our goal is to erase social barriers and correct some outdated mentalities.Education of the mind begins in the heart. The dog will be a support to us as, through the ages, it has helped us to become the most powerful known species. The partnership with him lasts a lifetime. The partnership with him changed his life. And it gives people smile and hope.

MagiDream is a unique initiative with ambitious goalsWe are a special charity. Our goal is to help society, not to burden it even more. All assisted living resources created in our multidisciplinary center will be made available to those in need, free of charge. Education is the first of these.

We believe that the “K9puzzle” Independent Living Support Center is the first step that can change Romania’s attitudes. We believe that Romania needs to multiply the MagiDream initiative at national level. This is the Magic through which assisted living becomes a reality for all Romanians with disabilities and other special needs. Only in this way do we show that we care about the society of the future!

Our wish needs to be met by your generosity, all of your generosity.We promise impeccable transparency. The involvement of everyone in this unique and necessary project will be invested with great care.

In our view, charity is a concept that also needs “restructuring”. We all need education to know when to be generous in society. Only then will we be able to differentiate between impact projects, with real potential for change, and isolated initiatives, with results that are difficult to quantify. Romania deserves to be more than the country of pilot “projects” and wasted financial resources.

MagiDream is not looking for money for its founders.They are diplomats by profession. Our team include professionals as volunteers, for whom reputation is the most valuable resource. Jurists, architects, psychologists, actors, teachers, journalists, doctors, teenagers … We have gathered personal dramas and compassion. We all have in our lives people with painful needs and dogs who support them with endless love. We are equally lovers of people and lovers of dogs.

We are all dogtors for their happiness!

If you find yourself in this picture, we welcome you to perform Magic together!