Asociatia Magidream - Centrul K9puzzle

“K9puzzle” Center for Independent Living Support “K9puzzle” – Romania’s first multidisciplinary center for living social assistance

An integral part of MagiDream’s vision, the construction of the Independent Living Support Center “K9puzzle” dedicated to children and adults with special needs in Romania makes magic possible and the right to assisted living accessible!

The “K9puzzle” Center is the first center in Romania to provide the multidisciplinary resources needed to support people with disabilities and other special needs through living social assistance. Assisted living is regulated in Romania by Law no. 448/2006, but the right to assisted living is not accessible to over 900,000 persons officially registered as beneficiaries. “MagiDream” applies the law!

The “K9puzzle” center will have facilities and programs based on international quality standards and criteria, taken from prestigious organizations from abroad. “MagiDream” takes patented models in traditional states, adapts them and makes them functional in Romania.

The “K9puzzle” Center will function as the first specialized canine training school for assisted living in Romania, in the creative coordination of a national and international certified canine instructor.

At the same time, the Center “K9puzzle” will play the role of a “school” apart from education and public information. We will bring to light the pressing needs of the community and solutions for the mind, body and soul. We start from the premise that everyone’s life can change at any moment.

The Independent Living Support Center “K9puzzle” is more than a building or office building. “K9puzzle” a plea for solidarity. It is the welcomed incentive to eliminate artificial divisions within our society and our hearts. It is the place where the unconditional love of our four legged friends shows us that we are identical and equal when it comes to our lives. We are, regardless of our faces, people …

Within the “K9puzzle” Center”, MagiDream will provide multidisciplinary resources for assisted living in the following programs:

Dogtors for School – a charity project for children with disabilities and other special needs within the normal and special gym schools, but also for children with learning and behavioral evidence enrolled in normal educational institutions

Dogtors for Independence – a charity project for children and adults with physical disabilities and other special needs

Dogtors for Happiness – a charitable project for institutionalized or single elderly people

Thank you for all your support!