MagiDream promovează dreptul la viață independentă

What does “Magidream” do?

MagiDream promotes the right to independent living of children and adults with special needs. The concept of independent living reflects a philosophy that emphasizes the right of persons with disabilities to self-determination, self-respect and equal opportunities. It is time to look at these people as citizens with equal rights to actively participate in social life. It is time to support them to become self-employed!

MagiDream is a special charity for special people.

We are building the first Support Center for Independent Living in Romania ”K9puzzle”, dedicated to people with disabilities and other special needs. Here we will create the first multidisciplinary resources for assisted living, according to Law no. 448/2006. These include service dogs, specialists, quality standards and criteria, education programs, information, awareness, therapy and living social assistance.

Through the K9puzzle Independent Living Support Center, MagiDream offers validated educational resources and programs in developed countries. We train as a priority service dogs that provide support for children with special needs from Romanian schools and their respective families.

Cătălin Cornea

Specialist in canine training and canine behavior, he is the initiator and promoter of the first intervention programs assisted by dogs in society – schools, recovery centers for elderly people, placement centers for children – held in Romania, long before the law of assisted living was legislated.

Cătălin Cornea is the pioneer who trained the first service dog from a common breed in Romania. Karma assisted a person with a locomotive disability, and her training was based on a spectacular education model even in states such as the US or Israel. At its base, there are obligatory steps that only an expert in psychology, behavior and advanced canine training can follow: the selection of the community dog with natural skills in the shelter; its psycho-behavioral rehabilitation; assistance training; training the disabled person served by the dog; creation of the welded team between the two; its permanent monitoring.

Collaboration agreements

In order to promote the benefits of dog-assisted intervention in school activities, MagiDream has entered into collaboration agreements with 18 educational institutions that exclusively educate children with special needs or children with various other problems that complicate their relationship with the school, colleagues and the teaching staff. Unfortunately, they complicate their very own relationship with their parents. Our goal is to keep these children in schools and to help them find the motivation and pleasure of learning independent living skills.

MagiDream sends dogs to school to teach children the lesson of unconditional love and living with their less fortunate peers. We will turn their study hours into playing and smiling.

Until the construction of the first Support Center for Independent Living in Romania is completed, MagiDream will implement this project within the partner schools. We thank all the leaders of the partner institutions for their openness to innovation and for their real determination to support the children they educate! Special thanks to the schools that educate those children with special needs and who especially wanted to participate in this project! We also thank the parents who will express their wish to go on the path of personalized interventions, based on assisted living!

We look forward to supporting you with our generosity in our efforts to innovate education in the school! These children are the future of Romania!