MagiDream” is a free association of people and ideas that promotes an innovative tool of education and therapy for people, soul and society – the dog – the best friend of man of all time. Together with him, we support the right to independent life and happiness of children and adults with disabilities and other special needs.

Our vision is unique. We propose a model of intervention and social harmony in which love is the most important resource. The dog, the most reliable human partner, means Power!

We are pioneers. We train dogtors who change destinies. We prescribe recipes for happiness. We rely on the longest partnership in history. Man and his dog evolved together.

Our mission is innovation. We create unique strategies by which we restore the right to life in society. We remove differences and mentalities that separate us, we reunite people with special needs with society. We think he belongs here.

We are elite professionals. Cătălin Cornea, our expert in canine training, is the only Romanian brand in this field, recognized and awarded in the rest of the world. He created the first distinguished breed service dog in an international competition!

We have a reliable partner in the team! Dogs have always strengthened man. His love is a therapy for the mind, body and soul. ”MagiDream” teaches him how to heal his life, to live it with a smile on his lips. The service dog is the hand, step, eyes, ears and the dogtor of the needy.

They joined our team