Scoala ca o joaca - este posibil !

Why is it possible?

The educational models based on the interaction with the service dog were created on the basis of the conclusions of numerous specialized studies in the medical field, of the child’s psychology and of its social development model. They have been tested and standardized through long and organized practice and by evaluating the beneficial influence that the interaction between the child and a specially trained dog has on the evolution of the first one.

School is a real challenge for any child.

Even more so for those with special needs or learning difficulties. Often, classical intervention tools to support the child, such as classical psychological counseling, fail. And the child continues to accumulate many frustrations, while having poor academic results. This failure can lead, in the case of children with behavioral problems, to school dropout. The consequences of leaving the main educational institution are settled, in adulthood, directly by the society. This is the mechanism that forces the state to provide social assistance, with high costs.

MagiDream takes over, adapts and implements within the project Dogtors for School education programs validated in schools in countries with tradition in promoting the benefits of assisted living. The Western experience is our main source of inspiration.

MagiDream fans turn school into play!

Dogtori for School is the way to the future for all the children who need support!

Thank you for being with them!